Get to Know More About the Different Types of Golf Clubs

For new golfers, learning about the different types of golf clubs is usually one of the first steps to take. This is an important part of golf lessons as your game is basically going to depend on the club you will use in hitting the ball. If you are not sure about what type to buy, you can always go online and search. There are even sites that offer discount golf clubs online, so it is very much possible to invest on an affordable set of new golf clubs

Types of Golf Clubs

The following are the different types of golf clubs that you need to know about. If you do not have the time to visit a sports chop, you can buy golf clubs online for your convenience.

 Woods
Woods are golf clubs that force a ball the farthest away. When these clubs are used properly,they can propel the ball for up to 350 yards. The name Woods was used because these clubs once had heads that were made of wood (like hickory or persimmon). These days though, woods are made of metal like titanium or steel. A wood has a rounded and large head and a flat bottom.

 Irons
Irons are golf clubs with metal club heads and these are typically used when the ball is less than 200 yards from the fairway. Irons have higher loft degree than woods. Irons are numbered from one to nine: 9-iron has highest loft degree: 1-iron, 2-iron and 3-iron are the long irons with little loft; 4-iron, 5-iron and 6-iron are the middle irons and used mostly when the balls are about 150 yards away from the hole; 7-iron and 8-iron are the short irons.

 Wedges
Wedges are golf clubs used in striking the ball to make it fly high up in the air before it lands on putting surface. The wedges are lofted higher than other types of golf clubs. Pitching wedge has 46-51 degrees loft, and lob wedge can have as high as 64 degrees loft. Pitching wedge is usually a part of golf sets and you may have to purchase other wedges separately if you want to add them to your set.

 Putters
Putters are golf clubs that used most. A putter is used in rolling the ball through the green going directly to the hole. There are different sizes of putters. Standard putters are 35 inches in height and the taller putters are the broomstick and belly putters. Putters have heads that can look like a mallet with flat surface or formed like a flat blade.

There are several golf club types that a golfer can choose from. Golf clubs are designed to allow the player to hit the ball to go different distances. Golf clubs come with varying degrees of loft needed to shoot the ball up in the air. A golf club set is typically composed of different clubs in order for the golfer to have the right club for the right shot. Generally, golf clubs are expressive equipment, but if you are smart enough you can easily find discount golf clubs online.