Need for Sports Oriented Mares and Stallions

Not all mares or stallions that are used in sporting events are of a specific breed. They can be of different breeds, but usually have specific traits that make them great for sporting events. There are different kinds of equestrian sports events like races, eventing, show jumping, dressage, combined driving and others. For many a horse that is bred for the races are usually not considered for other sports events. Irish breeds are usually considered for different sporting events. American quarter horses as well as Arabian stallions are known for their suitability for sports. Qualities in sports stallions The stallions that are ideal for sports usually have certain physical features and traits that make them ideal for training to participate in different sports events. While the animals required by enthusiastic racehorse syndicates need to be refined, the general sports, animals are bred to make them, neither too light nor heavy and they need to have a sturdy frame. This is necessary for participating in the different equestrian sports. The general physical traits necessary include uphill build, arched form of a neck and sloping shoulders. General muscle development is considerable for this variety of animals. Physical traits for equestrian sports The animals that are ideal for equestrian sports usually have long strides which are necessary for them to jump and clear obstacles easily. These animals need to reach forward by their hind legs when they are cantering or trotting. These traits bring about a good stride in these animals. The physical suspension needs to be adequate in order to allow the animals to compete well in the equestrian sports. The lower legs are usually tight and well muscled and they have longer limbs than the pure breeds that are considered for racehorse syndicates. If you wish to have a share in racehorsing apart from enjoying it, continue reading hereracehorsing Behavioral traits required Besides the physical traits, certain mannerisms are also characteristic of the animals bred for equestrian events. As they need to be trained for the events, they need to be able to learn and pick up fast from trainers and should be easy for riders and trainers to work with. They usually have a milder nature which makes them compliant to work as well as training. Breeds as per levels of competition The temperament of the animals differs as per the level of competition they need to be in. For high level or intense, competitive events, the animals need to be more competitive. These animals are bred with a more fierce temperament while the ones that are needed for the milder events are of a calmer character. Often there is reference to warm blooded or hot blood varieties which are usually bred from Arabian horse breeds that are known for their warm blooded traits.